There’s an evolution underway. Project Ion is the internal code name for a series of initiatives from BlackBerry that will enable customers to realize their vision for the Internet of Things and transform the customer experience.


We’ve partnered with market innovators like the Application Developers Alliance and the Industrial Internet Consortium to help shape the IoT space.

The facilitation of an IoT ecosystem enables innovation among hardware and software developers, application providers and operators.

At the center of it all is a cloud based secure public applications platform that is:

  Simple: Easy to implement and manage. Translate data into one
  common language to quickly extract meaningful information from
  multiple data sources.

  Secure: Protect your data and your users. Security from BlackBerry
  extends to the cloud enabling management of billions of connected
  devices without compromise.

Dependable performance and stability. Capable of
  supporting exabytes of data daily by leveraging   trusted open source

“..needless to say, BlackBerry knows a thing or two about building reliable cloud services.”
- Matt Weinberger
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