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Get the control your organization needs while
giving your mobile users everything they need
to be more productive. BlackBerry® Enterprise
Service 10 (BES10) provides comprehensive
and secure device, application and content
management, for corporate-owned and BYOD
devices, in multi-platform environments.

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CIO Guide

Straight talk on EMM realities

Get help deciding which issues to focus on, which tough questions to ask, and ultimately, how to make the right choice for Enterprise Mobility Management.

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Future Focus

What's possible with
world-class EMM?

Discover how the best EMM solution can help
you take advantage of the amazing productivity possibilities of mobility.

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Multi-platform, one solution

BES10 is the only solution you need for secure device, application and content management, with integrated security and connectivity, on BlackBerry, iOS and Android.

  • Manage it all through a single, intuitive management console
  • Perfectly balance end user and enterprise mobility needs
  • Deploy and manage applications with ease across BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices
  • Take advantage of expert mobility support
  • Empower improved productivity and customer service

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It's even better with BlackBerry 10 devices

The combination of BlackBerry® 10 smartphones and BES10 sets
a benchmark in the industry for sophisticated, cost-effective EMM.

  • BlackBerry 10 smartphones are designed for maximum enterprise user productivity
  • Fluid device, app and content management through a single console with BES10
  • Impressive apps ecosystem at your fingertips
  • Gold-standard end-to-end security protecting it all

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