Understand the EMM Realities: Get the kit

Let’s get real: all Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions are not created equal. Before you lock into any EMM solution, be sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. This EMM Realities kit helps you separate fact from fiction and gives you information, best practices, checklists and other tools you can rely on to ensure you make the right decision for your mobile enterprise.

Work and personal
on one device.
Is it possible without

Ask the right questions

What’s the number one
reason to get an effective
EMM strategy and
solution in place?

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Corporate-owned and BYOD. iOS, Android and BlackBerry®.
Apps and content.
Work and personal. You need to
manage it all.

Find the right solution

Access templates
to pitch IT management
on an EMM solution.

Get the tools you need

Device-level security leaves
you open to risks.
Insist on protection
from end to end.

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How does Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO) compare across EMM solutions?

Discover the solution with the lowest TCO