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Discover a purpose built cloud solution, designed to meet both business and end user needs.  Setting up and on-boarding users and groups, deploying apps and applying the right security settings could not be easier and will require no IT experience, servers or software. 

Users get the work information they need to be more productive and efficient on the go without impacting their personal use and privacy. You can be confident that all mobile content across employee-owned (BYOD) and company provided devices is fully protected.  And you get the added peace of mind that comes with technical support as standard.

All this in a flexible package that will cost less than a cup of coffee a month*.

A super easy-to-use cloud service for managing
mobile users, apps and devices.

At a glance:

  • Get started within minutes with a setup that’s as simple and fast as for a web mail account
  • Full device and app management for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices
  • Define individual or group email, app, connectivity and security settings for devices within the simple to use admin console
  • Publish apps to catalogs on users’ devices
  • Identify and take action on mobile devices that break pre-defined policies
  • Empower employees with a self-service user portal that also saves time and support costs
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