Are you managing your mobility environment with
BES 4? From March 31, 2014 through December 31,
2014, you can upgrade to BES 5.0.4 for free*,
clearing the path for your organization to move
to BES12 with ease.

To get started, visit the Upgrade Paths to BES 5.0.4
page and select your required prerequisite software
from the drop down menu. An installation guide for
each version is available.
A clear path to BES12
and beyond

Once you have upgraded your BES4 to
BES5.0.4 you have a direct upgrade path to
BES12.  BES12 – the next generation of the
powerful BES platform – is the command
and control center for the secured
enterprise.  And now EZ Pass makes it easier
and more cost effective than ever to
consolidate your BlackBerry, iOS, Android™
and Windows® Phone devices onto BES12.

*Offer available for a limited time only. Void where prohibited. Offer open to all customers that have BES software 4.0 or higher and includes Groupwise, Domino and Exchange platforms. Limit of one (1) upgrade
per BES 4 server but unlimited number of upgrades per customer.

**Additional terms and conditions will apply.

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