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In order to make an informed decision you need to have the facts.  
All Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions (EMM) are not created equal.  BES10 is and will continue to be the only integrated, end-to-end multi-platform solution that fully secures and manages all of your mobility needs.
BlackBerry has more security certifications from more government agencies than any other MDM vendor. What’s more, BlackBerry is the only vendor to be awarded an ‘Authority to Operate’ certification from the US Department of Defense.  So when our competitors make the claim that their solution is more secure, ask to see their Pentagon pass.
BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 lets you manage iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices from a single, highly secure, reliable platform so there’s no need to invest in multiple MDM solutions. Our leadership spans decades of MDM experience.   This means that you can count on BlackBerry to deliver an end-to-end solution that supports the needs of users and your business.
87% of the Fortune 500 relies on BlackBerry.  With over 30,000 BES10 commercial and test servers installed to date around the world, our multi-platform user base counts more customers than MobileIron, Good and AirWatch put together, and includes the world’s top ten banking and automotive firms.

Now you have the facts, try BES10 today.

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